How to register

EdIndex is a partnership between the Council and 17 housing associations/co-operatives in Edinburgh. You only need to complete one application form to access housing provided by the Landlords

You can register if you are 16 years or older.

To register you will need to print and complete EdIndex application form and post it to EdIndex, The City of Edinburgh Council, Clocktower, Unit 1, Flassches Yard, South Gyle Crescent, Edinburgh, EH12 9LB.

How it works

When you register with EdIndex you will build up waiting time which is measured in days.

Each advert is marked as a Starter(S) or Mover(M) or both(SM).

Starters are homes for people who are:

  • Homeless
  • Staying with a friend or relative
  • Staying in a hostel
  • Staying in supported accommodation
  • Renting a house or flat from a private landlord

Waiting time for Starters is worked out from the date your application form is registered. A Starter registered for one year will have 365 waiting days and will get a further day for every day they are registered.

Movers are homes for people who are:

  • A tenant or joint tenant of a Council or Housing Association/Co-operative
  • A tenant of tied accommodation that is provided by an employer
  • An owner occupier of a home (you may have a mortgage)

Waiting time for Movers is worked out from the date you moved into your current home. A Mover who has been in their current home for 10 years will have 3,650 waiting days and will get a further day for every day they are registered at their current home.

Anyone who is 16 years or older can apply for housing in Edinburgh.

How to Bid

To be able to bid for homes you must have completed an EdIndex application form and been issued with your EdIndex Reference Number. You can find out how to register by reading the “How to register” section above.

Once you have your EdIndex Reference Number you must create a login with Housing Online to be able to view and bid for homes at Key to Choice .

To create your login please follow this step by step guidance and read the FAQs. Once you have created your login placing bids is very simple. Please see the attached step by step guidance

You can bid for a maximum of 3 homes each week and if you are successful the landlord will contact you after the closing date. You should carry on bidding until you have been made an offer of housing.

Step by step guidance on How to place a bid for a property is available.

Homes are advertised weekly online from 4.00am on a Sunday until the next Sunday at 3.30am. You can place your bids at any time throughout the week. Bidding as soon as the homes are advertised does not give you a better chance of being successful.